I’ve been trying to find what to write about myself since the ’90s, maybe now I can give it a try…

I’m married, nine kids, looking for a side chic. Okay am just kidding. I have my own hair, I love ugly things,

I prefer my puns intended,

I always yawn after reading the word “YAWN”

Everyone I know is either marrying, getting married or pregnant, except me. I think that makes me invincible.

I used to love my old WordPress account, then everyone from work found me. This is my new account, always full of the crappy things that happen in our lives.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Marvin. It’s nice to meet you. I visited Kenya a few years ago and am looking forward to reading some of your stories about living there. I’ve just had a look at your post on Nairobi, and note that you pull no punches when it comes to airing your views, Nine children must keep you very busy. I had six – all grown up now – and that was lovely, but hard work (mostly financially!). Thank you for the follow!


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