Guest Post: Take Care.

Am glad you are away
I got to listen to Drake and was blown away
Haha, I actually deleted your number

coz I overwhelmingly panicked that you were still in love with your ex
I don’t even know why
It broke my heart
I guess I always wanted to be that someone to you
A muse
Shatteringly beautiful
I got to Marvin’s Room and froze
Me and you were the bomb
Sorta like the Buried Alive interlude
Am just going to leave it there
shakes the mind state

pretty intense
I guess things changed
Found Ricky and Morty
Was impressed
Infinite TV? Infinite world infinite number of possibilities
That was pretty mad insane
just saying
I found ways to keep you here.
Whenever you go, take Care.
I guess.


:::::::::::::credit to the boss lady, Laura©; the first of her name, the quitter of jobs, the ruler in Rongai, and the badass of badasses for the awesome article:::::::::::::::


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