You Miss Him A Little, A Little Too Much

You know its really over when you remember the first days.When you first met him in person after you finally answered his text.At first you felt a bit shy; but more comfy later on because he was fun and funny, probably funnier than both Donald Trump and Aden Duale…he made you laugh your soul out and dragged you to this ‘world’you found a little more fair and bearable.The basket ball pitch was your favorite hang out but now feels like the best destruction and a little less beautiful….

He was your world and felt you found love so easily that you even wondered why Snow white had to work that hard to find love, and why Shrek needed so much prescription to be fit in the eyes of Phiona and live happily ever after….You always had this wide smile…yeah you were the lucky one,that smile now looks wan..nearly painful to see..Everyone knew about you, even the busy nerdy student in your class learnt about your dating.

To them you smelt like teenage love,in your face “lucky in love” was painted…yeah but now you feel the word pain was coined for you.The partial love was wholly lust so it didnt last. He just left you. Maybe he had his reasons, maybe not…but you just stopped being what you were together…and your life went crushing down.

Your friends feel you changed and look withdrawn.You remember moments of happiness…after talking to him and he kissed you for the very first time.You can’t help but remember the moments of sadness,coming home teary- eyed because he said he loved Morgan more,it was sadness topped up with guilt that he forced into your world but his beautiful melancholic eyes betrayed his actions…to his arms however you went back after he appologised to you..that was once upon a time and now all these are just a train of memories.

At the crossroads,next to the house of abandonment is now your favorite hang out.And…

Every answer seems like a question.

Every rise is some sort of a fall,

Every sunset lets down a rose.

You wonder if time was curved to heal wounds;how many Fridays of a week do you have to wait…So your heart doesn’t have to race a little faster each time you bump to him in the streets looking happier and composed than you left him;his hands neatly tucked in another girl’s arms.In your eyes the look connected like pea and pod and this really irks you.Your feet it disables from moving and in a swish you hide in the nearest shops..In a few the heavens open and umbrellas grace the occassion.To you it didn’t seem like a normal rainy April day but perharps feel like even the skies are crying on your behalf.

….in loneliness and solitude in the cold you watch them walk away.Your mind lonely as a cloud wanders off;

Once upon a time Shania Twain’s “Forever and for always” was your all time favorite song but now Passenger’s “Let her go” makes more sense.You even think Taylor Swift had you in mind while she sang “Never ever getting back together.” You reach out to your phone, wish to stop the pain, replay the happiness, pause the memories and play the moments…and you remember it started by you replying to his text on facebook…you rush to facebook and you are reminded that you have 94 mutual friends and you need to hit the “Add friend” button………

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::credit goes to the lovely ®Lavinah Dawn 🙂 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

7 thoughts on “You Miss Him A Little, A Little Too Much

  1. gosh!!!?I felt like its me who was
    being talked about..Anyway in life you shoud never expectlove in return..woen you are in arelatiinship be prepared to get hurt no matter how strong the r elationship is


  2. This article is simply a standard diary that ever replicates in romantic relationships especially in “first-love” scenarios. Love is a journey without a template, that gets it’s definition from two distinct companions who superfluously brew congruence from their points of lust. And at any given level of it, the converse of each one’s expectancy results to the substance of the above discourse. Kudos Lavina!

    Liked by 1 person

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