This Time I’ll Stay Sober…

At the crossroads;
Every entrance seems to be an exit
Every question an answer.
Every mistake a lesson
This journey.
One, two, three; now eight months.
Only this time not days of drinking,
Days to reflect, think and no drinking.
Exhausted yet I carry on.
Hoots grind with heavy steps.
Only this time not a staggering soul.
Heavy steps to a better me;a recovering soul.
I came home smelling,
Only this time not cigarette smoke,
Smelling like rain and teenage love.
Finally my war has found peace.
Eight months ago i was addicted to the bottle.
How i loved the bitter sweet injection,
That sent me to cloud nine,
With that Monday 2 a.m felt fine.
Today i feel i can fly:
Only this time not the effect of the drug..
I’m high on sobriety, high on hope.
I’m nourishment in a desert
I’m heaven in a wild flower.
In this war in which I’m no longer a victim
I’m a victor!


:::::::::::::::© Lavinah Dawn 🙂 :::::::::::::::

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