Gone But Not Forgotten.

He was my main Ninja…
my bestfriend,
His last words, “Tutaonana baadaye
Never knew it was
the last time.
New beginning and
our “end”
End of the road for our friendship.
My all jovial friend:
Reduced to a lifeless body.
In a plastic bag.
Same old story, just a different soul.
Stabbed by “unknown” people..
People? Heartless people
DJ please don’t play
Amos and Josh
”Tutaonana baadaye”
Am wounded
Am broken
What a “bad” loss
I could breathe back life
with my words
I could write and paint air
I could fill the emptiness you left
But all i am is space in time
Your body is stained in letters and bitterness
But you lie there lifeless, speechless
Our hearts are heavy
I am “filled” with emptiness.
Rather helpless.
Rest in peace friend…till we meet again.





:::::::::::::::Once again credit goes to the lovely Lavinah Dawn 🙂 :::::::::::::::


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