00:12 a.m
One of those tear filled nights.I’m okay;but the sadness in my eyes betray my own words.

00:54 a.m
My breath feels shaky at the thought that i’ve spent another day without you.

1:00 a.m
I threw the flower you gave me across the room,watching the petals detach broke my heart more than you leaving i think.

I’m exhausted,not from sleep depreviation;from the weight of our memories.You gave me too much,was that enough?broken-heart-1

5:00 a.m
I can’t fall asleep,not when i have so much to tell you…the walls are terrible listens but i bet better listeners than you.

6:00 a.m
Its almost light.I’ll watch the sunrise by myself.i think il feel less pathetic today.perharps this is me finally getting over you.

6:30 a m
I think this was me being emotionally slutty.Its time i stopped loving everyone i have long conversations with.You said you love me.Did you mean it?You didnt deserve me anyway.

7:00 a.m
What a stupid thought!Take me back.We can do everything again and pretend this never happened.

8:30 a.m
Oh God you are not coming back are you?

:::::::::::::©All credit goes to the pretty Lavinah Dawn for the awesome article:::::::::::::::

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